Request for Quotations - Detailed Design of Enhanced Wetlands


Bathurst Regional Council


Bathurst, NSW

Quotations are invited from suitably accredited businesses for the design of alterations to the Brick Pits Wetlands on Edgells Lane in Bathurst, in order to optimise the value they provide as wetland bird habitat.

The Brick Pit Wetland occupies an area of approximately 6.6ha and is the largest discrete area of ephemeral wetland in the broader Raglan Creek Wetland complex in Bathurst. Although ‘artificial’ and ephemeral in nature it has significant habitat quality and at times supports large numbers of water birds including listed threatened species and species subject to international migratory bird agreements.

In 2017, Bathurst Regional Council acquired the Brick Pit Wetlands as a first step to protect and enhance this area as habitat for wetland birds.

The aim of this commission is to prepare a detailed design for enhancing the habitat value of the wetlands at the brick pits site. The scope of the design includes the provision of more permanent water to the wetlands, earthworks, and vegetation.

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