Why choose NRMjobs?

Your advert will:

  • be emailed directly to 25,000 people as part of the weekly NRMjobs email bulletin
  • be displayed on the NRMjobs website, which attracts 2,000 people per day
  • be distributed via NRMjobs’ popular social media feeds (Twitter, Facebook)

Your advert will reach its target

NRMjobs is a niche service – it is deliberately targeted only at people who work, study or are seeking work in the environment water and natural resource management field in Australia.

As well as reaching ‘active’ job seekers in this field, NRMjobs also reaches thousands of ‘passive’ job seekers (people who are not actively looking for work, but who may be tempted by the right offer).

NRMjobs was the first of its kind in Australia, and one of the first in the world. We have been advertising job vacancies in the environmental field by email since 1998. We know the industry backwards, and the industry knows (and trusts) us.

After 14 years in this business, we know what works – we know how to make sure your advert hits its mark.

Our aim is not to swamp you with semi-skilled applicants, our aim is to direct your advert toward qualified, skilled candidates who can do the job you want, and who will add value to your organisation.

It’s so simple, and it’s so quick

Advertising on NRMjobs is so simple. For a quote, just email us the text you want (in any format – as rough as you like) and we will do the rest. You can email us a logo as well, if you want (any format, any size).

There is no obligtion to go ahead until you have approved the advert. You don’t have to fill in any on-line forms. You don’t have to pay up-front (we will invoice you). You don’t need to open an account.

We will do all the work, and send the advert back to you for approval – nearly always the same day. Your advert can go ‘live’ almost immediately, or whenever you want it to.

On request we can provide you with a free report showing how many clicks your advert has received – although we believe the best measure of your advert’s success is the quality of the applicants.